Raise the Bar Campaign Secures Ballot Spot as Amendment 71

Raise the Bar Campaign Secures Ballot Spot as Amendment 71

Measure seeks to make it harder to amend the constitution


DENVER—Today, Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams qualified the measure making it more difficult to amend the state’s constitution for the November ballot. After submitting more than 185,000 signatures from Coloradans across the state, the Raise the Bar campaign sets it eyes on the general election.

“Coloradans are tired of seeing their constitution pummeled with the latest fad ideas and bloated with permanent, unworkable schemes,” campaign co-chair and Summit County Commissioner Dan Gibbs said. “The voices throughout Colorado agree, it’s time to raise the bar and protect our constitution.”


The Raise the Bar – Protect our Constitution measure seeks to make it harder to amend Colorado’s constitution by requiring future constitutional ballot initiative proponents to gather signatures from two percent of all registered voters in each of Colorado’s 35 state senate districts. The proposal also requires approval from 55 percent of voters before a ballot amendment can be added to the constitution.


The initiative proponents have also collected an impressive list of bipartisan leaders, business associations and civic groups that share a common belief that proposed constitutional changes should be held to a higher standard than changes to state law.


“We’re fortunate to head into November with the wind at our backs as we build on our momentum seeking to safeguard our constitution,” campaign co-proponent Greg Brophy said. “The vast majority of Coloradans agree that our state’s founding document should be reserved for bedrock principles and should require input from every corner of our state.”


While the Raise the Bar proposal seeks to make it harder to amend the state’s constitution, it preserves the same process for changing state law.


The campaign expects the ballot question will be listed as Amendment 71 on the November ballot.

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